Course Description

Valentine's Day is around the corner and your hormones might be running wild telling you to hate on the holiday because you don't have that special someone, therefore, YOU are not special! Sounds familiar? 

Everywhere you look you see people paired up, in love and with a happy family. Everyone but YOU

Ever wonder why you are still single? Have you identified the endless loop of patterns and behaviors you insist on holding on to? 

But wait, we are not saying that it is your fault, how can it be your fault if you have not been shown how to love unconditionally? 

How can you demand respect and healthy love from others when you don't know how to do that for YOURSELF

Living on Purpose is excited to bring you this Virtual Conference because we have seen the growing need in our community for REAL talk. We are bringing you loving and VERY REAL women who have been through ALL the things you have been and are going through. They will open up and share how God healed the broken places within themselves so they could become the AMAZING mighty women of God they are today.  

You have been praying for change and for a miracle and you had NO idea you had been praying for The What's Love Got to Do With It Conference

This Valentine's Day can be the beginning of the rest of your love life (whether God gives you a mate tomorrow or 10-years from now). 

FINALLY, see the unimaginable way God loves YOU. The moment you see that you will STOP settling for good enough and will be happy to wait for God's best. 

Learn how to let go of the good enough so you can embrace the GREAT God has in store for you. 

Meet the AMAZING Speakers Living on Purpose has brought together for The What's Love Got to Do Wit It Conference. 

Catherine Storing 

Min. Catherine Storing is the author of 15+ books (three of them are about dating because God had to deal with her and the way she saw herself and others). She teaches others how to write books that are authentic and relevant. As a Ghostwriter, book writing coach and businesswoman Catherine exemplifies what a LOVED woman of God looks like. She is MORE than patiently waiting for God's best. 

Dr. DeNae LeMay

Dr. DeNae LeMay affectionately known as Dr "D", is a powerhouse leader in the Kingdom of God. Dr. DeNae is the wife of Dr. Stacy LeMay, Sr. Pastor and Founder of Champion Kingdom Center, Charlotte NC which is a ministry focused on four core principles; to Teach, Train, Develop and Deploy men, women, and families into their God-ordained area of gifting and influence.

With a strong passion for ministry, Dr. DeNae serves alongside her husband in building world impacting Champions who are prepared and equipped for their Kingdom assignment. As a role model, teacher and mentor, Dr. DeNae has become an example to many all around the world. Her teachings are engaging and revelatory. She empowers, inspires, enlightens and influences women across all spectrum's to be strong, capable, virtuous and unstoppable in their assignment.

Tierra Destiny Reid

As founder and president of TDR Brands International™, Tierra combines an unmatched passion with Morpheus-like leadership that is both spiritual and influential. She looks and listens with the heart and intent to help women manifest their dreams through education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. TDR Brands International has created: The Retail Campus, an international business community for women with product and stores, which serves to unite business/retail owners. The Retail Campus also features The Small Business Success Summit Intensive, a two-day virtual training designed to help businesses finish the fourth quarter in the black and build solid forecasting for 2018.

The proud mother of two tweenagers, Tierra has built her brand on the cornerstones of love for the community, a positive spirit, undeniable work ethic, evolving education and a relentless mission to empower others. Results are important to Tierra and she believes that as we heal we become clear and strong enough to make better decisions to reap the results and life we deserve.

Markita D. Collins

Rising CEO Markita D. Collins is a top 100 international live streaming social media influencer who is helping to shape the minds of many as an entrepreneur, recording artist, and anointed mentor.Her rapidly growing empire includes GIRL TALK with KITA, Kita’s Kompany and Imagine Media, LLC.

She is the best selling author of the book:  “A little old fashioned goes a long way!”.

Collins resides in Pennsylvania with her husband Shaun, their two boys and twin girls. 

The Host: Pastor Kimberly Jones

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.

Empowering, Inspiring, Motivating

Kimberly Jones is a "people lover" at heart, and it shows up in every aspect of her life. She is a co-pastor, life coach, motivational speaker, and counselor. She uses her gifts and talents to encourage women to maximize their potential by taking ownership of their lives through spiritual awareness and personal development. Her platforms include women's conferences, public schools, coaching seminars, and business workshops. She also works with individuals on a one-on-one basis as a life and relationship coach. Kimberly's first priority is to her marriage and ministry partnership with her husband Apostle Louis D. Jones, Jr.

She has served alongside him as Co-Pastor of Prevailing Love Worship Center in Stone Mountain, GA for the past 12 years. She has an affinity for teaching and preaching the word of God from a place of love and compassion. In addition to co-pastoring a PLWC, Kimberly, affectionately known as "PK", also serves as the leader of Women's Ministry (Sister With A Purpose), Coordinator of Auxiliary Ministries, and assists with Leadership Training and Development. Working along with SWAP, Pastor Kimberly founded and annually hosts "The Awakening" Women's Encounter.

The Love Panel


The Schedule

All sessions will be recorded so EVEN if you are "BUSY" that weekend you'll STILL be able to watch ALL the sessions and be blessed OVER and OVER again. 

Make The What's Love Got To Do  With It Conference YOUR Valentine's Day Present. 

Don't wait too long to secure your ticket as space is LIMITED

Need another reason to attend the conference? Watch the powerful video at the top of this page. You will not regret it. 


Due to the GENEROUS nature of this conference and the fact that you will receive immediate access to ALL the sessions refunds will not be granted. 

Master Life/Empowerment Coach & Coach Trainer

Kimberly Jones

Hi there!! I am Kimberly Jones and I want to welcome you to Living On Purpose University! I am the founder and CEO of Living On Purpose Life & Empowerment Coaching, LLC, The Living On Purpose Coaching Academy, and Repairing The Altar School of Prayer & Deliverance. My passion is coaching, mentoring and training individuals who are ready to make transformational moves in their lives that set them up for greatness. I am a Co-Pastor, entrepreneur, author, and mentor with over 19 years of ministry and vast experience in the coaching and counseling field. My areas of specialty include prayer & intercession, group & one-on-one coaching, and coaching certification. My passion and faith in God drives me to challenge individuals to Live On Purpose and Make Every Day Count whether they are called to ministry or the marketplace.

Course curriculum

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    • DAY 1: Intro


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    • Day 1 Tierra Destiny Reid Audio File

    • Day 1 Closing

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    • Dr. Denae LeMay VIDEO REPLAY

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    • AFTER Markita: Prophetic OVERFLOW - VIDEO REPLAY

    • AFTER Markita: Prophetic OVERFLOW - AUDIO REPLAY

    • The Love Panel - VIDEO REPLAY